For any project, commercial or residential, such as additions or building new structures, you must first visit the West Haven Building Department. Depending on the type of project you are undertaking, you will need to get approvals from various city government agencies. The Building Department issues permits and inspects work done to all buildings and other structures. Permits include building, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sprinklers, refrigeration, demolition and signs. Applications for permits are reviewed for conformance to applicable laws and codes. A permit constitutes permission to proceed with the approved work.

The purpose of permits and inspections is to ensure public safety, health and welfare insofar as they are affected by building construction, through structural strength, adequate exit facilities, fire safety, light and ventilation and sanitary equipment.

In general, the Building Department functions to secure safety to life and property from hazards incident to the design, erection, repair, removal, demolition or occupancy of buildings, structures or premises.

A building permit is the official permission to start any construction project. The permit indicates that the plans for a new structure, addition, renovation, plumbing, electrical or mechanical system have been reviewed and comply with mandated building codes and laws.

To help avoid delays, it is important that you are prepared with the proper documents when applying for permits.