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Mayor’s Office

Dorinda Borer is the 13th mayor of West Haven. As such, she serves as the executive office for West Haven and works jointly with all city departments. On a municipal level, the mayor meets regularly with department heads and serves as a nonvoting member of the City Council and the Board of Education.

Mayor’s Message

West Haven, you deserve good government.

Our story has been frustrating to say the least recently, but that’s not the story we’re going to let define us. I am reminded of the words of Victor Hugo, who said, “Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.”

Our sun is now rising, West Haven, with a new dawn. Because we may have faced challenges, it is the resilience of our people that has always prevailed and brought us to this point.

Our story instead is going to be about our strengths. Our story is going to be about our successes. And we will celebrate and leverage everything West Haven has to offer.

We will celebrate our amazing shoreline, a shoreline that is the longest coastline in the state, which has something for everyone — from the stretch of beaches that thousands of our residents enjoy each summer to areas of open space for passive recreation to the opportunity for development. We will celebrate and leverage all of those aspects and opportunities.

We will celebrate the greatest restaurants our state has to offer, and we will help promote them to bring more people into our city and make sure their business continues to be sustainable.

We will celebrate an incredible school system where everyone involved works hard every day for the children of our city. And we will support our educators and staff in our school system by making sure they have the tools they need to be successful in providing an opportunity for quality education for every child in our city.

We will celebrate our public safety — our fire, police, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, paramedics — that are all second to none, and we will work to hire and retain our public safety personnel.

We will celebrate our business owners who opened their business to realize the American dream and for years have been offering our residents great services. And we will provide them with the resources and assistance they need to help them thrive.

We will celebrate the state-of-the-art train station that continues to be one of the newest in the region, and I will promote it to employers looking to relocate here.

We will celebrate that we are home to one of the largest health care systems for veterans in the country, and I will work to improve collaboration with them so every veteran in our city gets the health care they deserve.

We will celebrate being home to a first-class university with thousands of students living in our city and hundreds of residents who are employed there. And I will work to improve our communication and town-gown relationship so that we can help each other.

We will celebrate our youth sports — our coaches, mentors — that provide opportunities for our youth by building confidence, pride and teamwork. But we will expand what we offer to our children in addition to sports through additional avenues for engagement, such as arts, music or community programs because our children deserve every opportunity to flourish.

We will celebrate our seniors who offer great wisdom, and I will work to help keep them in the homes they love.

We will celebrate our city’s diversity and embrace it.

We will celebrate our city’s great history — but not get stuck in it or mourn it — but will use it as a springboard for our future.

We will celebrate the significant opportunities for development across our city that are just begging to be tapped by bringing investors to the table to help us create an economy that provides jobs and tax relief.

Everywhere I turn in our city, I see opportunities and promises ready to unfold.

But you know who else we should celebrate? You, our residents, the people of West Haven, affectionately known as Westies.

We have talent and experience that can be tapped. We have residents with energy and compassion. And we have demonstrated to each other over and over again that we are a resilient community that through thick and thin, no matter what, rises above and sticks together. You demonstrate the pride and passion of our city, and you are the heart and soul of this city.

So let’s not imagine, let’s reimagine. Let’s write our next chapter by turning the page. And when all is said and done, we will promote West Haven to the world, because we know what an amazing city we really are, and it’s time the rest of the world knew it as well.

Yes, it takes a great leader; yes, it takes a quarterback to lead the team. I gladly and proudly take on that role, and I’m ready to get to work. But it’s the will of our residents who have always and will continue to help West Haven tell a new story.

I know you want to see us flourish as much as I do. So together, let’s create a story that generations look back and say they did something right.

We, myself and our new team will get this done for you, our Westies, by delivering good government. And while it won’t happen overnight, I will provide you with a strong work ethic, give you that hard day’s honest work, and always be accountable for my actions.

Brighter days are ahead. The best is yet to come, West Haven.

I’m Dorinda Borer, I am now your proud mayor. I love this great city. Let’s start celebrating, West Haven!


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