Mayor’s Office

Edward M. O’Brien is the 11th mayor of West Haven. As such, he serves as the executive office for West Haven and works jointly with all city departments. On a municipal level, the mayor meets regularly with department heads and serves as a nonvoting member of the City Council and the Board of Education. Read Mayor O’Brien’s official Biography.

Mayor’s Message

West Haven is a great place to buy a home, raise your family, build your business, and live your American dream.

I was born and raised in West Haven and grew up just a few blocks from City Hall. In my early years, my mother worked for the Board of Education, and my father was a sergeant on the New Haven Police Department.

To say my family was involved in the community is an understatement. We were always going to community events. We went to beach and park cleanups, and my siblings and I were involved in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, sports and Park-Rec programs. You name it, we were involved, and because of our proximity to the Center, we were always downtown.

When my wife and I opened our jewelry business, we chose Campbell Avenue, and I spent 20-plus wonderful years at GoldWorks. The best part of those years was talking and getting to know so many people with such diverse backgrounds.

I tell you my background to make this point: I have always been out in the community, and I know I have gained so much from listening to the people I have met along the way. As your mayor, I am here to represent each and every resident of this city. No matter your age, color, religion or political party, I believe it is my duty to represent all.

I will continue to be at as many events as I can go to. When you see me out, come up to me and let me know what is on your mind. It does not matter if it is a compliment or criticism. Just like in business, you could always do better, and I welcome all views.

I and every one of our city’s department heads are available to answer questions, hear your concerns, or listen to your ideas. City Hall has an open-door policy, and you are always welcome. Remember one thing: We are all in this together.

West Haven’s brightest days are ahead; we are on the road to becoming the envy of the region and the state. I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to lead this great city for the next two years, and I thank the residents of this city for believing in my vision. With the help of my fellow elected officials and the many others on our boards and commissions, I know we will accomplish our goal: to make West Haven greater than it already is.