Licenses & Fees

Marriage License

Type of Fee   Fee
Marriage License   $50
Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Resident Fees

Type of Fee
Resident Firearms Hunting
Resident Fishing
Resident Marine Fishing
Resident Combo Fishing and Hunting
Resident Trapping
Resident Junior Trapping
Junior Firearms Hunting
Resident Over 65
Handicapped License

Nonresident Fees

Type of fee
Nonresident Firearms Hunting
Nonresident Fishing
Nonresident 3-day Fishing
Nonresident Combo Hunting and Fishing
Nonresident Marine Fishing
Pheasant Stamps/Tags
Migratory Bird Stamp/Permit
HIP Permit
Dog Licenses
Dogs must be at least 6 months old and have an up-to-date rabies shot. Copy of rabies vaccination and fee can be mailed to the city clerk; dog license is mailed to the individual, saving a trip to City Hall. Licenses can be issued through the mail, if desired.
Type of Dog
Neutered Male/Spayed Female
Non-neutered Male/Non-spayed Female
Recording Fees
The recording room is open until 4:15 p.m.
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First Page
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