2018 Fee Schedule

Adult Day Care

  • The daily private fee for attending the center, including transportation, is $80. If a client is unable to pay our full fee, application may be made to the center for fees on a sliding scale based on income and adjusted within a range for unusual expenses.
  • The center also serves Title 19 and Medicaid clients through the state Department of Social Services at the rate of $70.92 per day.
  • There are limited funding sources within the state of Connecticut to pay for adult day care. However, you may be eligible to receive partial or full funding if you meet the income and asset guidelines. These guidelines change frequently. Please contact the social worker for further details and assistance in applying. Please note that you must provide accurate information concerning your income and assets. The ranges are as follows:

Ranges for Daily Rate Based on Household Size

Yearly Income
1 Person
2 or More People
$0-$4,000 $32-$38 $32-$35
$4,001-$6,000 $38-$44 $35-$39
$6,001-$8,000 $44-$50 $39-$42
$8,001-$10,000 $50-$59 $42-$50
$10,001-$14,000 $59-$65 $50-$61
$14,001-$16,000 $65-$74 $61-$69
Over $16,000
$74-$80 $69-$80

Bath & Shower Service

Type of Service
Full Cost
Minimum Fee
Bath $18.50
Foot Bath
$13.50 $12
$16.50 $13
If a client is receiving funding for day care, the cost of a bath or shower is included in that rate.