City Council 

355 Main Street
3rd Floor
West Haven, CT 06516



Link: City Council Page

Name Title Email Phone
Aldrich Jr., Russell E. D-1, 98 Church St. 203-376-2669
Ruickoldt, Nicholas W. D-2, 1 Peck Ave. 203-640-4809
Eberle, Lisa D-3, 455 Third Ave. 203-937-6942
Riccio, Stacy D-4
Hamilton, Robbin Watt D-5, 92 Bedford St. 203-641-6448
O’Brien, James P. Chairman, D-6, 18 Chauncey St. 203-933-5436
Russell, David G. D-7
Morrissey, Tracy A. D-8, 305 Country Hill Drive 203-937-0586
Ronan, Sean P. Majority Leader, D-9, 10 Colonial Place 203-606-8278
Martone, Louise D-10
Riccio, David Minority Leader, R-At Large
Quagliani, Ronald M. D-At Large, 27 Downdraft Circle 203-937-9990
Forsyth, David C. D-At Large
Hurley, Stacie C. D-Clerk of the Council (nonvoting), 392 Elm St.
DiMassa, Michael A. Administrative Assistant 203-937-3672