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Joseph A. Riccio Jr., Commissioner
City Hall, 355 Main St., 1st Floor
West Haven, CT 06516
Tel: 203-937-3580
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the current and future physical development of the city of West Haven. Within the department are the Building Department, the Community Development Administration and the grants office. Applications and “counter services” for building, planning and zoning activities are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays, effective April 2, 2012. Inspections are scheduled from 1-5 p.m. weekdays and may be scheduled by calling the Building Department at 203-937-3590 or Planning and Zoning at 203-937-3580. To ensure an orderly development process, the department has numerous functions and responsibilities for which it is accountable.
Below is a brief description, presented alphabetically, of the functions and responsibilities:
Building Department (203-937-3590, ext. 3000)
The Building Department is charged with enforcing the Connecticut State Building Code as defined in Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes. The Building Department is responsible for the review of construction documents and the issuance of a permit for building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. Inspections are conducted by the Building Department on a request basis, and a certificate of compliance is issued upon satisfactory completion of the permitted work.
Community Development Administration (203-937-3550)
The CDA office promotes a viable urban community through decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanded quality-of-life opportunities primarily for people of low and moderate income.
Grants Office (203-937-3580, ext. 3010)
The grants office searches federal, state and foundation funding sources for aid that will assist and support the city’s quality of life. Staff uses the city’s Plan of Conservation and Development, capital improvement plan and the priorities of city commissioners to seek grants.
Planning and Development Office (203-937-3580, ext. 3005)
Using the 2004 Plan of Conservation and Development, staff, with the assistance of the city’s boards and commissions, seeks to establish an environment whereby economic investment can come about in West Haven. The Department of Planning and Development facilitates the economic development of West Haven and encourages sustainable land use. The department is responsible for oversight of the Plan of Conservation and Development, zoning ordinance and other land-use regulations, as well as area-specific development plans.
Many of the activities noted above receive oversight from not only the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or the Zoning Board of Appeals and other regulatory boards, but evolve from the active involvement of one or more of the following boards and commissions:
Economic Development Commission (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
A five-member commission with two alternates whose duties as defined by the city charter are to conduct research on how to expand the city’s economic base.
Harbor Management Commission (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
A five-member commission to advise on matters pertaining to the West Haven portion of New Haven Harbor and the shoreline.
Open Space and Conservation Commission (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
A five-member commission with two alternates to advise the city of West Haven on matters pertaining to open-space and conservation issues affecting the quality of life of the community.
Planning and Zoning Commission (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z), composed of five resident members and three alternates, advises the City Council and the Economic Development Commission on planning and land-use matters and maintains the city’s zoning regulations and hears applications for special-use permits. The P&Z conducts site plan reviews, including review of development plans within the coastal management district and plans for soil erosion and sediment control.
Board of Zoning Appeals (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), composed of five resident members and three alternates, reviews applications for relief from the zoning standards of the city, including variances and appeals of actions of the zoning enforcement officer (ZEO).
Inland Wetlands Agency (203-937-3580, ext. 3007)
The Inland Wetlands Agency (IW), composed of five resident members and two alternates, maintains and oversees the city’s inland wetlands regulations and reviews applications for development within 100 feet of inland wetlands.
Property Maintenance (203-937-3590, ext. 3005)
The property maintenance section of the Building Department is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of the occupants of existing buildings. The enforcement of property maintenance is to ensure a lifestyle free from the negative effects of blighted neighborhoods.

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