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2014 Electronics Recycling Drop-off Days
Electronics may not be disposed of with weekly or bulk trash at the curb. The city is using Take 2 Inc. of Waterbury for the disposal of electronics. Electronics are basically any appliance that plugs into an electrical outlet or runs on batteries and includes, but is not limited to: TVs, personal computers, monitors, scanners/copiers, microwaves, dehumidifiers, toaster ovens and other small appliances. Collections take place at the highway maintenance garage, 1 Collis St., from 8 a.m.-noon on the following Saturdays:
June 7
Sept. 6
Large white goods, such as refrigerators, are collected by calling the Highway Department at 203-937-3643 for pickup on your regular trash day. Please call one day in advance.
Hazardous Waste
The city’s partnership with the Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center to accept hazardous waste from West Haven residents from May through October has resulted in a cleaner environment. The HazWaste Central season operates from mid-May through mid-October on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-noon, except the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day holiday weekends. Located in the rear of the Regional Water Authority at 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven (Exit 46 off Interstate 95, follow signs).

For more information about HazWaste: http://www.rwater.com/hazwaste/
Single-Stream Recycling 
West Haven is a single-stream recycling community. Our current contractor is Trash Master LLC of East Haven (203-466-2668). Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclable materials – fiber (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, catalogs, magazines and junk mail) and containers (glass, steel, aluminum and plastic) – are placed, unsorted, in one recycling bin and sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a regional recycling center. These recyclable materials must be clearly separate of your solid waste and are picked up on your trash day.
For specifics on acceptable single-stream recycle materials: single-stream recycling
Residential Solid Waste
Our current contractor is Trash Master LLC of East Haven (203-466-2668). Place all items for collection within 5 feet of the curb no later than 5 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day. Do not put out items for collection earlier than 24 hours before pickup. Household waste must be in containers of 50 gallons or less, equipped with handles and lids, and should not exceed 50 pounds. Items should not extend above the rim of the can. The maximum quantity of cans may not exceed five per collection day, and they must be removed from the curb the day of collection.

Curbside Trash Pickup Days

Monday        Districts 1 and 3
Tuesday        Districts 2 and 4
Wednesday    Districts 5 and 6
Thursday        Districts 7 and 8
Friday            Districts 9 and 10
For the holiday collection schedule: TrashPUholidays
2014 Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule
The 2014 bulk trash pickup schedule is July 7-11 and Oct. 6-10.
Residents are reminded that bulk pickup is on their scheduled curbside collection days in the second calendar week of the newly designated months. They also are reminded to separate metals and recyclables from regular trash and to put out trash no more than 24 hours before pickup.
Violations carry a $100 fine per daily offense.
Bulk items must be generated by the resident at the place of occupancy. Bulk items include couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, carpeting, padding, fencing and small amounts of bundled lumber, which may not exceed 6 feet in length. The amount of bulk trash per collection is limited to 6 cubic yards, which is equal to a pile of trash 6 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet high. Homeowners are expected to rent a dumpster at their expense if their bulk items exceed the acceptable quantity.
Along with tires, the city also picks up such “white goods” as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves on residents’ weekly collection days. 
To prevent a potential fine, property owners should familiarize themselves with the city’s trash guidelines, which are posted on this website.
To report a complaint, call the Department of Public Works at 203-937-3585. Complaints are kept confidential.
Construction and Demolition Materials
Construction and demolition materials are not accepted for disposal. They include, but are not limited to: sand, stone, mortar, Sheetrock, plaster, lumber, molding, logs, tree stumps, windows, doors. Materials from building, remodeling, landscaping and excavation are not acceptable. A resident or contractor must provide a dumpster at their expense for removal of these items.
Brush, Branches and Tree Limbs
Must be cut into 3- to 6-foot lengths and tied securely. Bundles may not exceed 50 pounds; quantity may not exceed 4 cubic yards. Logs and stumps are prohibited. Until further notice, the compost site is not accepting brush, branches or tree limbs.
Contractors and landscapers are not allowed to place such items curbside for pickup.
Leaves and Grass Clippings
Leaves and grass clippings must be placed in biodegradable paper bags and put curbside for disposal. Leaves and clippings in cans, plastic bags or cardboard boxes will not be accepted. Leaves and clippings may be brought to the compost site for disposal in quantities of less than 4 cubic yards. Residents needing to dispose of more than one load (4 cubic yard maximum – the size of a pickup truck load) can purchase brush disposal permits for the compost site at a cost of $15 per load, 4 cubic yard maximum. Permits are available in the Department of Public Works at City Hall.
Contractors and landscapers are not allowed to place such items curbside for pickup.

Metals and Tires
Call the Highway Department at 203-937-3643 to have metals picked up on your regular trash day. Arrangements can usually be made to have old large appliances removed when new replacements are delivered – ask your appliance dealer. Tires for disposal must be removed from the rims, and there is a maximum of four tires accepted per vehicle registered at a West Haven address per calendar year.

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