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The following services are available online:

Official Payments Corporation (www.officialpayments.com) can be used to make credit or debit card payments. Begin by selecting local payment then follow on-site instructions. Enter tax bills one at a time. Please enter the correct amount due and your bill (list) number when making payments.  Always enter the name that appears on the bill and print a receipt for each transaction.  Official Payments charges a convenience fee. Please bring receipts to the tax office in order to obtain a tax clearance.

You can check payments made to the Tax Office on-line using the following link: http://westhaven.gemsnt.com/
We offer a wide variety of activities for the whole family, from pre-school programs for toddlers, to a fitness program for seniors, with something for everyone in between. Visit our website, www.whparkrec.com, a link is provided above, for a complete listing of all activities being offerred.  You will find all the information you need to know including program dates, registrations dates, time, place and fee.  We update the website regularly as new programs or sessions are added.
One of the many tools the Police Department uses to provide information and help educate our community members is our web site at http://www.whpd.com One of WHPDs core values is to strive for "quality through continuous improvement." We will continue to improve this site by making it easier to navigate, keeping it updated and making it more relevant to you, the user.
The West Haven Public School District http://www.whschools.org is committed to the belief that all children are capable of attaining high levels of achievement in preparation for productive, rewarding lives and responsible citizenship. Students will reach this goal through their own diligence and effort, a learning climate that responds to individual academic needs, a curriculum that challenges and is aligned with the state standards, adequate resources, and skilled, professional instruction. Furthermore, a belief in social equality underlies West Haven's commitment to providing a high quality of education for all students.
City-wide mapping using Graphical Information System technology is available at http://www.westhavengis.com

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