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The primary mission of the Department of Public Works and its various divisions is to provide a safe and secure environment for our residents, to regulate and administer a wide variety of cost-conscious, crisis responsive, 24/7 public services, and to protect the city’s interests in hiring outside contractors from initial bids to project completion.

See the 2019 Municipal Solid Waste Data.

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The staff’s direct and supervisory responsibilities include:
  • Preparing reports, budgets, payrolls, purchase orders and communications regarding residential concerns and complaints for its various departments.
  • Preparing, reviewing and/or supervising bids, awards, grants, bonding projects, outside contractors, street approvals, along with various other new projects.
  • Managing various departmental maintenance activities, overseeing the compost site, Water Pollution Control Plant and waste disposal operations, and supervising and monitoring work performed by outside contractors.
  • Overseeing activities relating to the compost site, city roadways (including paving and curbing projects), sidewalk installation and repair, the city tree program and bridge projects.
  • Maintaining/improving the city’s stormwater drainage system (140 miles of sewer lines and 1,500 catch basins) and streets (repair/paving and winter plowing/sanding) and sidewalks (curbing projects).
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Departments & Divisions

‘Greenscaping’ Your Lawn & Garden

American homeowners spend hundreds of hours each year mowing, clipping, raking and landscaping to keep their yards healthy and property attractive. Our landscaping practices produce huge amounts of waste. So much, in fact, that yard waste is second only to paper in the municipal solid waste stream. By following a few simple waste reduction practices, you will not only improve your lawn and garden but also the environment. Click here for “greenscaping” practices from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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