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Tax Collector

Drop Box

Tax payments — no cash — can be inserted into the drop box outside the interior door of the tax office during the months of July and January from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The drop box is emptied daily. When paying by drop box, the canceled check is the receipt. To enter City Hall, visitors must use the west entrance on the Savin Avenue side.



To avoid the “boot,” payments should be made during business hours: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If You Are Delinquent: Do not pay by e-check or check (as there is a 10-day hold on these types of payments). If you pay online by debit or credit card after 4:30 p.m., there is a 24-hour delay in processing.

If you are “booted,” you will need to pay your full tax delinquency to the City of West Haven Office of the Tax Collector and a separate boot fee of $150 to the Vioalert driver.

The boot fee must be paid by money order or bank check only and made payable to “Vioalert” to have your vehicle released (boots are usually released within 1 hour). 

For a payoff figure, you may call our collecting agent, TaxServ, at 866-497-2427 (toll-free). 

Online Tax & Sewer Information

Your sewer bill is separate from your tax bill online. View and pay your tax and sewer bills online. The database is updated on a daily basis. During the collection cycles of July and January, additional time is needed to process the large volume of payments. As a result, the webpage will show interest until payments are posted. A confirmation number from Point & Pay LLC confirms your payment. If your payment was postmarked or dropped off on time, you do not incur interest for the additional processing time. Do not stop payment on checks until you have verified with the tax office that your check was not received.

If you print your tax bill(s) from the online database to send with payment, do not mail to the Hartford address. Make your check payable to “Tax Collector, City of West Haven” and send payment to:

Tax Collector
City of West Haven
P.O. Box 401
West Haven, CT 06516

This database can also be used for retrieving a tax payment history for federal filing.

New Homebuyers: Unsure When to Pay Your Taxes?

Closings in West Haven follow local bar custom and are calculated based on the next fiscal year after the grand list assessment. Municipal taxes are due and payable in advance, meaning the fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30. The first payment, due July 1, covers from July 1-Dec. 31; the second payment, due Jan. 1, covers from Jan. 1-June 30. The calculation on your closing statement gives credits and adjustments until the closing date. After the closing, the buyer is responsible for the next bill that becomes due, either July 1 or Jan. 1. West Haven only sends out one tax bill, which is typically mailed in June and includes your real estate tax, fire district and sewer bill. You can view and pay your real estate and sewer bill here. Please note that online, your sewer bill is listed separately. You will need your unique ID to look up your sewer bill. The unique ID can be found on your real estate bill. Please refer to your closing attorney for any questions pertaining to your closing transaction.


Photocopies/printouts of existing bills or records cost 50 cents per page. This information is available online.

Refunds & Adjustments

Be advised that the time in which to apply for a refund of overpayment is limited by state statute 12-129. Please contact the assessor’s office for any adjustments that may be available.

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