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Delinquent Notices

The City of West Haven mails delinquent notices for past due taxes. Please pay by the “good through” date printed on the bill. Additional interest is applied after this date. The notices are generated and printed within a specific time period, which is also stated on the bill. If you paid within this time period, you will still receive a notice since the data was already collected. Make sure tax bills are paid before discarding.

Delinquent notices are not intended as demand for any debts that have been discharged in bankruptcy or subject to an automatic stay. It is not intended as a demand for payment of taxes for which an appeal is pending under Section 12-117a of the Connecticut General Statutes. Questions on property you no longer own should be directed to the assessor’s office. If you received a delinquent notice in error, we apologize for the inconvenience.
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