Bulk Trash Pickup

2018 Bulk Trash Pickup Guidelines

  • Bulk trash will be picked up three times per year on your scheduled curbside collection day in the second calendar week of the three designated bulk pickup months: March 5-9, June 4-8 and Oct. 8-12.
  • Bulk items include such household goods as couches, chairs, tables, carpet and padding. They also include small amounts of bundled lumber and fencing. Lumber must be no longer than 6 feet, and each bundle must weigh less than 60 pounds. Fencing must be cut in half and stacked neatly in piles.
  • The amount of bulk trash per collection is limited to 6 cubic yards. This is equal to a pile of trash 6 feet wide, 6 feet long and 4 ½ feet high. Homeowners are required to rent a dumpster at their expense if bulk trash exceeds 6 cubic yards.
  • Bulk items must be separated and orderly. Do not place bulk items next to a mailbox or utility pole or close to a fence.
  • Bulk trash must be generated by the customer at the residential unit where it is collected. Bulk trash will not be collected if it is generated by anyone other than the resident of the home. Do not place items in front of a vacant lot or home — they will not be collected.

Construction Refuse

Sand, stone, mortar, conduit, gypsum blocks, lumber, molding, bathroom fixtures, asphalt, plasterboard, plaster, trees, tree stumps or other refuse from building, remodeling, landscaping or excavating are not acceptable. A resident or contractor must provide a dumpster at their expense for this type of removal.

Brush, Branches & Tree Limbs

Cut into 3- to 6-foot lengths and securely tied, no more than 70 pounds. Logs and stumps are prohibited.

Leaves & Grass Clippings

Place curbside for pickup, or bring to the compost site, 1 Kimberly Ave. Must be placed in biodegradable paper bags only. Plastic bags are not accepted and will not be picked up. Call the Department of Public Works at 203-937-3585 to learn how to home-compost these items. Leaves or brush packed in trash cans will not be picked up. Only small branches in leaf bags.


Call the Highway Department at 203-937-3643 to have metal picked up on your regular trash day. Arrangements can usually be made to have your old appliances removed when new ones are delivered. Ask your appliance dealer.

Unwanted Propane Tanks

Many landfills, recycling centers and scrap metal dealers cannot recycle unwanted propane tanks because of the residual propane inside. However, most propane exchange companies, including Blue Rhino, will take and recycle them at no cost to you. Simply leave your empty tank beside a propane exchange display. For information, click here.

Latex Paint

Dry the paint (cat box filler can help), take off the lid, and put it out with your regular trash pickup. Oil-based paints go to HazWaste Central, 90 Sargent Drive, New Haven.